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This modification of MioPocket Mini 4.0 ( ) decreases noticeably usage of RAM and/or Video-RAM. Not dozens of icons have to be loaded at once and kept in RAM and/or Video-RAM, but only a handfull per folder-page. "MioPocket Mini 4.0 FV" only consumes ~ 250KB RAM (plus RAM used by the applications launched from within "MioPocket Mini 4.0 FV"). "MioPocket Mini 4.0 FV" only adds the following functions: Music Play, Video Play, Game, Flash, Alarm, Notepad, Dictionary, Scheduler, Calculator, Photo Album, E-book, Volume Setting, Date & Time, etc. Note that "MioPocket Mini 4.0 FV" does not provide a so-called dual zone functionality (listening to the radio/cd while GPS works). If such feature is wanted/needed, one must extend the SatNav's navigation software by an extra button by him/herself. "MioPocket Mini 4.0 FV" is Windows Embedded CE 6.0 ready. Also it's prepared to run well in Microsoft Device Emulator.


Two skins are available: Metro Style and iPhone Style

A: Metro Style (It’s modern, clean, light and open design with no shadows, glows or gradients)

B: iPhone Style (Well known, introduced with MioPocket 4.0)

Modifications Log

1. "MioPocket Mini 4.0 FV" no longer is startet via HKLM\init\Launch9999 thus device's registry is left untouched so far
2. Removed all programs that definitly don't work under CE 6.0
3. Removed all programs that require Microsoft .NET CF
4. Removed a lot of other programs too; my goal hereby was "reduce to optimum"
5. Added freeware navigation software mapFactor's NavigatorFree (only Andorra map included)
6. All .INI files created/used now in UTF8 format instead of ANSI
7. Some hard-coded values moved from scripts to MioPocket.ini thus they can be changed many more simply
8. Added Microsoft's FakeGPS thus if run in Device Emulator navigation software starts

Remark: All files modified/added contain in file header "This file is part of MioPocket Mini 4.0 Folder Version" notice

Legal Notice

Not only "MioPocket Mini 4.0 FV" is free software, but - unless otherwise indicated - also the softwares bundled with "MioPocket Mini 4.0 FV" are free softwares that are owned by various copyright holders and released under various free software licenses.


tito12 (
Osprey (
dAKirby309 (


Current state of "MioPocket Mini 4.0 FV" is 'AS IS Version' only. I haven't had the time to bring it to a stable end. It may contain bugs here and there, so be gentle. Post everything and anything you find broken (I don't expect much to be). And as always: While every care has been taken to ensure that "MioPocket Mini 4.0 FV" is safe, non-destructive and will not brick the device, you use "MioPocket Mini 4.0 FV" entirely at your own risk. I will not be held responsible or liable for any damages resulting from your use, misuse, or inability to use this product.

If you do not agree with this disclaimer, you should not use "MioPocket Mini 4.0 FV".


"MioPocket Mini 4.0 FV" should be used only on (portable) GPS navigation devices with an ARM processor running Windows CE and having a landscape oriented touch screen. Do NOT install it on All-in-one devices.

1. If any previous version of "MioPocket Mini 4.0" installed, uninstall it
2. Download and unpack "MioPocket Mini 4.0 FV" to your desktop PC
3. Copy contents of folder "Copy To Root Of SD-Card" (not this folder itself) to root of your mobile device's SD-card
4. Install "MioPocket Mini 4.0 FV" to your mobile device as instructed to do with MioPocket Mini 4.0 Rel.2 ReadMe (

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